You can reach Șiria in aproximately 30 minutes by car, following DJ 709 or you can choose public transportation. The bus station in Arad offers daily transportation to Șiria.

The Hungarian name for Șiria is "Vilagos" and the German name is "Hellburg", which means The Lighted Fortress. Șiria is first mentioned in documents dating from the year 1169.

The main tourist attraction in Șiria is the Fortress, located at an altitude of 496 meters, on the Fortress Hill. It towers the Wine Road and offers an amazing panoramic view of the surrounding area. You can reach the fortress after a relatively easy walk which takes about half an hour.

In Șiria you can visit the Memorial Museum Ioan Slavici and Emil Monția. The museum is located on Infanteriei Street and is under the administration of the Arad Museal Complex. The building which hosts the Museum is a neoclassical castle which belonged to the noble house of Bohuș.

For those who seek to recharge themselves spiritually, we recommend them to visit the Feredeu Monastery near Șiria. It takes an hour to reach the monastery by foot, the difficulty is medium, although the last portion of the path is a little steep. You can also travel by car. The existance of a monastic settlement is first mentioned in 1787, when in the immediate vicinity of the place where the monastery was built there was a spring with miraculous water.

The fans of extreme sports can practice gliding, paragliding or mountain bike in Șiria. The area is a well known spot for the gathering of extreme sports enthusiasts, with specific competitions being organised here.

The guesthouse La Foresteria (Galșa, 3 km form Șiria) and the Äpfelhaus Guesthouse (Horia, 17.5 km from Șiria) are the best options if you want to spend the night here.