Hiking trails

The Păuliș-Ghioroc-Covăsânț-Șiria Trail

Arad – The School Museum „Sabin Manuilă” in Sâmbăteni: 18 km
Time: 25 minutes

The School Museum „Sabin Manuilă” in Sâmbăteni
Address: Sâmbăteni village, no. 26A
Contact: Cornelia Foster 0742240095
Opened in 2016, the museum features a collection of traditional objects from the village Sâmbăteni, Păuliș commune.

The School Museum „Sabin Manuilă” Sâmbăteni – Ghioroc lake and beach – 5km
Time: 5 minutes

Ghioroc lake and beach
Contact: 0257 461 101, primariaghioroc.ro
Ghioroc Lake, also known as ”the seaside of the west”, is a lake with a surface of 66 hectares, located at a distance of 22 kilometers away from Arad city, on the 708C road, before entering Ghioroc commune.
In collaboration with Ghioroc City Hall, starting from 2016, Arad County Council has been supporting the development of this area, by allocating funds yearly for investments. In the summer of 2020, Ghioroc commune was declared a local resort, by gaining a maximum number of points.
Ghioroc Lake has a sandy beach, palm trees, beach beds, a parking area for 680 vehicles (the parking costs 10 lei) which will be extended to 1000 parking places, 9 restaurants with terraces, slip and slide waterslide and paddling bikes in the shape of a swan.

The camping has 48 beds ready to welcome tourists.

Ghioroc lake and beach – The Electric Tram Museum: 0,6 km
Time: 5 minute
The Electric Tram Museum
Contact: Gheorghe Rusu 0728246297
Address: Principală street
The Electric Tram Museum is managed by the Arad Public Transport Company. This museum was established in Ghioroc because of the important position this locality had and still has in the public transport system, being located about halfway between Arad and Pâncota, in an important tourism and wine-growing area. In Ghioroc was inaugurated the first electrified tram line from Eastern Europe and the eighth in the world. A symbol of Ghioroc is the vintage electric tram ”Green Arrow” ( “Săgeata Verde”). The museum contains an interesting collection of electric carts dating from the 19th-20th century, and a power line station that supported the public transportation tram at the beginning of the 20th century. The museum can be visited on request, by making an appointment.

The Electric Tram Museum – The Vine and Wine Museum: 1,2 km
Time: 5 minutes

The Vine and Wine Museum
Contact: Podrumar Teodor 0744824429, 0257281847
The Museum is located inside the Viticultural Research Station in Ghioroc and belongs to the Arad Museum Complex. The institution was established in 1988 and includes exhibits that restore the viticulture and winemaking universe in the Miniș-Măderat vineyard, presenting its history. The current collection of the Minis Viniculture Research and Production Station comprises over 50.000 wine bottles of different ages of Riesling, Mustoasă, Fetească, Burgund, Cabernet and Merlot. The collection's pièces de résistance are a few bottles of Italian Riesling dating from 1926.

The Vine and Wine Museum – The „Ioan T. Florea” Memorial House – 6 km
Time: 10 minutes

The „Ioan T. Florea” Memorial House
Contact: 0744901786
Address: Muzeului Street, Covăsânț
The ”Ioan T. Florea” memorial house was established in the house of Ioan and Ileana Florea in Covăsânț. The interior kept the atmosphere of home owned by intellectuals from the Arad Vineyard, preserving the original furniture, the piano and musical instruments, but also many photos, which tell the family's story during a period of almost a century.

The „Ioan T. Florea” Memorial House – Muzeul privat „Zestrea Satului” – 1,2km
Timp aproximativ: 5 minutes

The private Museum „Zestrea Satului”
Contact: Alexandru Chiș 0727448332
Facebook: Muzeul „Zestrea Satului” Covăsânț
Address: Podgoriei Street, no. 167
This museum was founded on 6 December 2016 in Covăsânț, a result of the passion of Alexandru Chiș, a young teacher interested in ethnology. The museum has approx. 800 items: folk costumes, antique household items, photos. Some of these are family heirlooms, others were donated by the people of the village.

The private Museum „Zestrea Satului” – The Feredeu Monastery: 10 km
Time: 15 minutes

The Feredeu Monastery
Located in the Șiria commune, the Feredeu Monastic Complex includes two distinct areas, a monastery situated in the valley and a hermitage, located on the western slope of Zărand Mountains. Feredeu hermitage, dating from 18th century, is located below the Izvorul Rece top, at an altitude of 427 meters.
The sanctuary is located near a fountain which, according to the believers has healing powers. Hence the name of the monastery (regionalism „feredeu”, derived from hungarian „furdo” which means bathroom, bathing place, but also spa village). The hermitage can be reached either by taking the upgraded road of the steep slope of the Zărand Mountains, or by following the touristic trail, marked with a yellow tape

The Feredeu Monastery – The Fortress from Șiria: 10 km
Timp aproximativ: 20 minute

The Fortress from Șiria
Șiria Fortress dates from the 13th century. It was owned by Matei Corvin at the beginning of the second half of the 15th century, after which it was transferred to the Bathory family. During the uprising led by Gheorghe Doja, the fortress is briefly occupied by his troops of peasants. Under Ottoman occupation during the middle of the XVIIth century, the fortress then serves as a garrison for Mihai Viteazul during 1599-1600. The fortress is occupied by the Ottoman forces in 1607 and kept under occupation until 1693. For strategical reasons, the Habsburg troops destroyed the fortress in 1784.

The Fortress from Șiria – The „Ioan Slavici and Emil Monția” Memorial Museum - 3,1 km
Time: 10 minutes

The „Ioan Slavici and Emil Monția” Memorial Museum
Contact: Laura Ionela Moț – 0746650744, 0257384088
Address: Regimentul Infanterie 85 Street, no. 150, Șiria
The building that shelters the museum is an istorical monument ; The Bohus Castle was built in baroque style, in 1838 and belonged to the noble family with the same name; the permanent exposition ,,Ioan Slavici,, dedicated to the great romanian writer (1848-1925) borned in Șiria, was inaugurated in 1960; it shows moments from his childhood, school years spent in Șiria, school years from Arad, Timișoara, Budapesta and Vienna, but also the great literary activity, political and pedagogical that belonged to Ioan Slavici. In 1970 was arranged in the same museum, the permanent exposition dedicated to the life and the activity of Emil Monția (1882-1965) the composer that has been established in Șiria from 1906.

Opțiune de luat masa:
1. Restaurant Panoramic (plaja Lacului Ghioroc), telefon 0740 334 511

Distanță Muzeul Memorial „Ioan Slavici și Emil Monția” – Arad: 37 km
Timp aproximativ: 50 de minute
Distanță totală: 95 km
Total durată: aproximativ 6 ore