Hiking trails

The Ineu-Târnova-Căsoaia Trail

Arad – The Fortress of Ineu: 60 km
Time: 1h 15 minute

The Fortress of Ineu
Address: Calea Traian, Ineu City

Throughout its history, the Fortress of Ineu played the role of a reinforced garrison under Iancu of Hunedoara, then it belonged to Michael the Brave, then it was conquered by the Turks, then it became a garrison for the Austrian border guard. The fortress was mentioned for the first time in documents dating from 1295.
The fortress has two elements: the first part, the interior, is actually a two-tiered castle in the shape of a square. The second element, the exterior fortress, was built a couple of hundred meters away, also in the shape of a square, with bastions at each corner. Today we can see only the ruins of these outer walls. The walls were surrounded on three sides by moats filled with water and on the fourth side by the river White Criș.

The Fortress of Ineu – The dendrological Park of Ineu: 2 km
Time: 10 minutes

The dendrological park of Ineu
Address: Republicii Street, Ineu City
The dendrological park is located in Ineu and extends to 12 acres. The park protects specimens of trees older than 400 years, and a specimen of tisa, older than 600 years.

The dendrological park of Ineu – The Wooden Church „Izvorul Tămăduirii”: 0,5 km
Time: 5 minutes

The Wooden Church „Izvorul Tămăduirii” Ineu
Address: Republicii Street, no. 1
Contact: 0754 345433 – Adrian Zaha
The priest Radu Constantinescu is the founder of this monument, with distinctive art and architecture, unique in the west side of the country. With the help of christians, this beautiful project came true. This church was religiously certified on October 9, 2016.

The Wooden Church „Izvorul Tămăduirii” – The Ethnographic Museum of Dud: 20 km
Time: 30 de minute

The Ethnographic Museum of Dud
Address: Dud village, Târnova commune
Contact: 0744 840 524 – Achim Giani, priest
The museum was founded in the year 2016 by the priest Achim Giani and features furniture, traditional costumes, elements related with household activities and farm tools.

The Ethnographic Museum of Dud – Tabăra de sculptură din Căsoaia: 15 km
Timp aproximativ: 25 de minute

The Sculpture Park in Căsoaia
The park is the result of the "National Sculpture Symposium" held in the period between 1979 and 1985, during the summer, and the time available to each artist to complete his work was 45 days. Each year 10 artists in a series have attended this event, the artists were selected by the Union of Plastic Artists, in collaboration with the organizing institutions from Arad.
At the end of this period, the artworks have been mounted on concrete foundations, at the choice of each artist. The themes and the methods of artistic expression had been chosen freely by each artist. In seven editions of the symposium 70 monumental sculptures were made, signed by 57 authors, 56 from Romania and one from Hungary. Among them there are 10 artists from Arad as well.

The Sculpture Park in Căsoaia - Măderat: 13 km
Time: 20 de minute

The Sequoia tree in Măderat
The specimen existing here is around 35 meters height and 5 meters diameter across the base. It has a very beautiful and well proportioned crown and is a easy to see milestone around the wineyards that are all over the area Podgoria Miniș – Măderat.

Măderat – Arad: 46 km
Estimated time: 1h
Total distance: 160 km
Total duration of the trip: 6h